Broadway Night

For the kickoff of our youth group year, we planned a Broadway-themed party. With the recent popularity of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” and knowing the group of youth we have, this seemed like a fun way to begin our year together. I will lay out here what we did for decorations, activities, and even food. I hope that you can use some of these ideas and I welcome any feedback or other suggestions that leaders could pair with this event to make it even more fun.

Let’s begin with the schedule for the night!


When the youth entered, there was a box with some costume pieces that they could wear in order make a big entrance on the red carpet.IMG_3912

Yes, I had to try them on for myself. I purchased a set of top hats, some feather boas, and two types of sunglasses from Oriental Trading for the event. If money was an issue, you could always try to collect some similar items in advance from church members and friends.

Once each had selected an item or more to adorn themselves, they came to the red carpet and made their best Broadway entrance.


Again, I purchased the red carpet, cardboard stanchions, and doorway ropes from Oriental Trading. They looked awesome, but the stanchions were a huge pain to put together. You could probably skip that or maybe borrow some real ones from a local theater. It would be worth exploring.

After making their grand entrances, I had them write their names on golden stars and we stuck them to the floor to make our very own Walk of Fame.

IMG_3918   IMG_3934-1

Once all the youth had arrived and placed their star on the Walk of Fame, we served the appetizers…popcorn in small paper popcorn boxes (small versions of what you get at a movie theater). I purchased those popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading. We also served juice in paper cups with mustaches on them (again, from Oriental Trading).

Following appetizers, we played Name That Broadway Tune. I used a playlist on Spotify of popular Broadway tunes and we randomly selected songs we thought they might be familiar with. They were divided into two teams for the competition and received one point for naming the musical and one point for naming the song. We played this game for about 15-20 minutes.

Once a winner had been declared, we served our main meal. The meal consisted of pigs in a blanket (S-“weenie” Todd), peaches, and salad. Here is how I decorated the tables:


Gold dinner plates, white dessert plates, mustache cups, personalized napkins, and homemade playbills with the schedule on the back. I created the Playbill in PowerPoint.

Broadway Night Playbill Template

Once we’d eaten, I gave out awards. I couldn’t find trophies that looked like Tony Awards, so I bought some little plastic trophies from Hobby Lobby.

The awards were kind of silly. Here is a list of what awards I did:

  • First to Arrive
  • Last to Arrive
  • Most Creative Star
  • Best Entrance
  • Best Costume Design
  • Fastest Eater
  • Most Hilarious Moment
  • Best Guesser (in Name That Broadway Tune)
  • Best at Naming That Tune
  • First Time Attendee

I gave out multiple of some of these in order to make sure that everyone got at least one award. The youth really seemed to enjoy this.

After the award ceremony, we had dessert, which was pie and apple strudel. We closed the night with the pinky prayer that we use at the end of every youth group meeting.


We had a blast at Broadway Night! I hope you can use some of these ideas for your own Broadway-themed youth group event. If you do, please let me know how it went and any other ideas you may have used.

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” — Jean Valjean, “Les Miserables”

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