“Gifts of the Spirit” Cards for Pentecost

For Pentecost this year, I designed cards/magnets to give out to my congregation on Pentecost. Each card lists a gift/fruit of the Spirit for the individual who receives it to focus on implementing in their life. I designed these as business cards and you could easily print them on the business card paper that is already perforated for easy separating. I printed mine on regular white cardstock and then used the measurements on my paper cutter to cut them to the right size. (NOTE: That required some time and mathematic work.)

Once I had them all printed and cut, they were laminated. We used a heat laminator and letter size laminating pouches. We were able to laminate multiple cards per laminating pouch and then cut them out. (NOTE: Make sure not to cut too close to the paper card as you might break the seal. You can usually see where the air pocket around the card ends, so cut a bit beyond that.

Finally, we put a magnet on the back of each laminated card. We used a magnet strip and cut small rectangles, then removed the backing and stuck them in the middle of the back of the card. We plan to give one to each congregation member when they come to worship on Pentecost morning, but if your youth group is still meeting on Pentecost, you could give one to each youth group member as part of a teaching on Pentecost and encourage them to consider ways to live into the word on their card.

Here is a link to the document I created for the cards:

Pentecost Fruits-Gifts of the Spirit

Please feel free to use this document to create your own “Gifts of the Spirit” cards. And share the idea with others.

Thanks! Have a wonderful Pentecost!

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